Semra's Green Olives
Serves: 1 kg
  • 1 kg green olives
  • 100 g rock salt with no iodine
  • Non-chlorinated cold water (boiled and cooled tap water will work) for last step
  1. Clean the olives, pick out any worm holed ones or soft ones and discard
  2. Place in a bowl and soak in water for a day
  3. Rinse and cut a cross through one end of the olive
  4. Place in a bowl or jar and when all complete cover with tap water
  5. Leave for 2 days
  6. Repeat this process twice
  7. Six days later the olives will have been rinsed three times
  8. Place in pickling jar, tip in rock salt and cover with good quality water
  9. Close the lid and leave sitting in a dark place for 6 weeks before tasting.
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